Thursday, January 28, 2016

Paberžė 1941

Here are some stamps with a 1941 Vilnius overprint with a cancel of Paberžė dated July 24 1941 which was already under German occupation. Paberžė is a small town in Vilnius county, with a population of 900 according to the 2011 census,  located just 35km north of Vilnius itself. Mint 1941 Vilnius overprinted stamps are not rare stamps but somehow used examples are more difficult to catch which contradicts their relatively low catalog value. These overprints were supposed to be valid in Vilnius region, but I haven't read or heard any book nor article defining its precise boundary of validity. Well, so far, in Paberžė, it was valid, we know that now lol. I'm almost positive that these Paberžė cancels are CTO because I have seen similar Paberžė canceled  items (with much more higher CV than mines though...) on Ebay and Delcampe with a proper certificate of authenticity (mines are signed Bender on the back by the way).

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Vilnius 1926

This is a postcard sent in 1926 from Wilno (now Vilnius, Lithuania) to Dordrecht, Netherlands. The picture shows the church of the Holy Trinity of the Basilian Monastery taken by the photographer Jan Bułhak. The card has not been franked for the regular postcard postal tariff but as "Druki", meaning "printed matter" in Polish.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Šaukėnai 1931

This is a registered mail sent in 1931 from Šaukėnai to the district court in Šiauliai (Šiaulių apygardos teismas). It looks like there were some kind of legal documents. Šaukėnai is a small town in Šiauliai County with a population of little over 700. Nice arrival cancel of Šiauliai on the back!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Cancellations of Memelgebiet/Memel district - 12

Jagstellen (now Jakšteliai)

Groß Schilleningken (now Šilininkai)

Mädewald (now Usėnai)

Ramutten (now Ramučiai)

Szameitkehmen (now Žemaitkiemis)