Saturday, October 11, 2014

Kaunas 1969

Postmark of the first cover

Postmark of the second cover

Section of Michel showing the souvenir sheet
What a beautiful piece!!
Another addition to my Soviet stamp collection today. Like I've mentioned many time in this blog before, in order to add Soviet stamps in my collection, it must have a Lithuanian topic on the stamp or having been cancelled in Lithuania. This souvenir sheet shown in the above image has been long time in my wish list but I wasn't able to get a copy cancelled in Lithuania. Not exactly how I wanted but I have finally managed to get at least 2 covers with a stamp cut out from the souvenir sheet in question. The 2 identical covers have been made by a philatelist on the occasion of the VII th philatelic exhibition held in Kaunas on 1969. Why did I buy 2 identical covers? Well... but why not...
The stamp itself has been issued for the philatelic exhibition held in Moscow on 1957 showing the Lenin library where the exhibition has been held. The one I have posted corresponds to Michel number 1979 which has a better color than the 1978 one. Coincidentally, Michel 1979 corresponds also to number 1979 in Scott as well.

Is that all??
I must say it is very poorly informed comparing to Michel, not surprisingly...

Monday, October 6, 2014

Prienai 1994

This is a small souvenir sheet commemorating the 100th postage stamp of Lithuania, cancelled in June 16 1994 in Prienai main post office. It is a small town just 40 km south of Kaunas, according to Wikipedia, first mentioned in historical record as early as 1502. The face value of the sheet is 10 Litas but it was sold at the price of 12 Litas which you can see on the right upper corner of the sheet. The design of the stamp has also been used for the first set postage stamps after the restoration of the independence of Lithuania in 1990.