Monday, December 5, 2011

Šnipiškės (Vilnius) arrival cancellation 1909

Вильна - Снипишки / Vilna Snipishki (now Šnipiškės, Vilnius, Lithuania)
Normally I should have named this thread as "Telšiai 1909" but since I got hold of a rare arrival cancellation of Šnipiškės, I have decided to write about it. It's a postal stationery during the Imperial Russian period sent in 1909 from Тельши / Telshi (now Telšiai, Lithuania) to Снипишки / Snipishki (now Šnipiškės, Vilnius, Lithuania). Снипишки/Šnipiškės is one of the Vilnius municipal districts, and was also at that time as you can see on the cancellation with the inscription "Вильна / Vilna - Снипишки/Snipishki".