Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Kuliai 1914

Merry Christmas to everyone!
Today I'm posting a postcard sent in 1914 from Кули / Kuli (now Kuliai, Lithuania). Kuli also appears in its Polish name "Kule" in many of the records during the Imperial Russian time as well. The illustration of the card itself has nothing to do with Lithuania (a bridge in a park in Yelagin Island in St. Petersburg)  but it has been written and sent from a certain Grigory Kissel in Kuliai to Lüneburg, Germany. The alphabet "Ков" right after the name of the town in the postmark is an abbreviation of Ковенская Губерния / Kovenskaya Guberniya meaning Kovna (Kowno in Polish) Gubernia which Kuliai was part of at that time. It is interesting that there is some kind of business seal of G. Kissel on the back. The used stamp is another new addition of Russian stamp in my collection, one of the series commemorating the 300 years of the Romanov Dynasty issued in 1913, 2 Kopecks with a portrait of Tsar Alexander II.

Wishing you a happy New Year!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Recent Acquisitions

Lately I haven't been able to have enough time to neither acquire new covers nor time for posting threads... However, here are some stamps I have found recently in various sources.

Memel Local issue
Postmark Memel 25.03.1939

Not new to this blog but another copy of Fuhrer's 50th anniversary
 with an illustration of the Municipal theater in Memel

Central Lithuania (I personally prefer to translate it "Middle Lithuania")
Postmark Troki (now Trakai, Lithuania) 7.1922

Вилыкомıр/Vilkomir (now Ukmergė, Lithuania) 15.IV.190?