Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Šiauliai 1916-1917

All of them postcards of Schaulen, now Šiauliai, Lithuania, sent from unknown fieldpost stations between 1916 and 1917.

Panevėžys 1965

This is a postally unused FDC of the commemoration for the 25th anniversary of the LTSR (Soviet Socialist Republic of Lithuania), cancelled in Panevėžys/Паневежис in 1965. It has 2 stamps, on the right, The CCCP (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) stamp of the 25th anniversary of the LTSR, on the left, its the stamp overprinted, issued for LTSR in 1940, the year of the first Soviet occupation before the german invasion. Lithuania has been re-occupied by the Soviet Union after WWII in 1945.

Telšiai 1943

This is a postcard sent in 1943 from the Dienstpost Ostland in Telsche, now Telšiai, Lithuania to Wasserburg am Inn in Oberbayern/Upper Bavaria.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kaunas 1934

A postcard of the Kaunas city hall sent in 1934 from Kaunas to Praha-Strašnice, Czechslovakia, now part of Praha/Prague 10.

Vilnius-Warszawa Railway post 1927

This is a cancellation of the Polish railway post (Poczta Peronowa) track number 117, the line between Wilno/Vilnius and Warszawa/Warsaw. Vilnius has been occupied by the Poles during the interwar period and used regular polish stamps after the annexation of "Central Lithuania/Litwa Środkowa" in 1922. The stamp depicts the Aušros vartai/Ostra Brama in Vilnius. It has been issued in 2 denominations, 1 grosz and 24 grozsy (pluriel of "grosz"). The 24 groszy stamp has 2 color variations.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Palėvenė 1918

Fieldpost card sent from Polawen, now Palėvenė, Lithuania. It was probably sent on 1918 from the date written by the sender. The church of Palėvenė depicted on the postcard still stands today. The german name Polawen probably comes from the polish name: Poławeń.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Radviliškis 1916

2 Fieldpost cards sent from Radziwiliszky/Radziwilischki, now Radviliškis, Lithuania. Both posted from on 1916, the first card from the fieldpost station 172, the second from an unknown station.

Panevėžys 1915, 1916

The first 2 postcards were sent from Poniewiesz/Poniewiez, now called Panevėžys, Lithuania, on 1915 from the fielpost station 175. Both are the scenes of the market square but one before the destruction and the other, after. The 3rd card was sent by the S.B. Etappen Kommandantur from the fieldpost station 216.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Švenčionėliai 1916, 1917

A fieldpost card sent from the Soldatenheim in Novo-Svenziany/Nowoswenzjany, now Švenčionėliai in Lithuania in 1916. It was sent by the Soldatenheim in Nowoswenzjany where you can see the seal on the back, from the fieldpost station 270 which was stationed in Švenčionėliai at the time. Soldatenheim was an officer club when soldiers could have a leisure time when they were off duty.

This is also a postcard of Švenčionėliai taken in at railway station. Unfortunately, the fieldpost station used is unknown.

Bajorai 1916

A fieldpost card sent from Bajohren, now Bajorai in Lithuania in 1916. Bajohren used to be a small border town between Prussian Memelland and Imperial Russian Lithuania. It had a border railway station where the Prussian custom was operating.