Thursday, May 31, 2012

Švenčionys 1904

Свенцяны / Svenchyany (now Švenčionys, Lithuania)

This is a card sent in 1904 from Свенцяны / Svenchyany (now Švenčionys, Lithuania) , Вилен. Г. (Виленская Губерния/Vilna gubernia) to Dompierre sur Bebre (nowdays spelled Besbre) in the department of Allier, France, with an arrival cancellation.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Kaišiadorys 1916

A postcard of Koschedary (now Kaišiadorys, Lithuania) sent in 1916 from the Feldpost station 142, active around Vilnius at that time. The postcard description mentions Bahnhof Str., it is most probably the present Gedimino gatvė/street which runs right next to the railway station.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Panevėžys-Šiauliai Railway post 1962

This is a railway post cover sent to Klaipėda in 1962 during the Soviet period with a cancellation "Паневежис-Шяуляй/Panevėžys-Šiauliai". There is an arrival cancellation of Klaipėda on the back. The sender's address was in Joniškėlis which was an important railway junction at that time. Here is a link of railway map provided by the Siaurojo Lietuvos Geležinkelio Rėmėjų Sąjunga (Union of Supporters of the Lithuanian Narrow Gauge Railway) website: link (click "Max" on the upper right corner to zoom the map)

Monday, May 28, 2012

Cancellations of Memelgebiet/Memel district - 09 (on Deutsches Reich stamps)

 Dt./Deutsch Crottingen (now Kretingalė) 1870's
Rare rectangular postmark without year

  Wischwill am der Memel (now Viešvilė) 1920
This is a very rare postmark with the town's full name
("a. d. Memel" in the bottom part of the postmark)

  Memel (now Klaipėda) 1920

 Heydekrug (now Šilutė) 1920

Pogegen (now Pagėgiai) 1920

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Mažeikiai 1942

A registered cover sent in 1942 from the Dienspost Ostland in Moscheiken (now Mažeikiai, Lithuania) to Stralsund, Germany. Arrival cancellation of Stralsund on the back. The cover is correctly franked with 3 stramps overprinted "Ostland" with a total of 42 pfennig according to the postal rate of inland registered mail at that time.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Cancellations of Memelgebiet/Memel district - 08

 Palleiten (now Paleičiai)

 Paszieszen (now Pašyšiai)

 Robkojen (now Ropkojai)

 Saugen (now Saugai)

Uszlöknen (now Užliekniai)

Cancellations of Memelgebiet/Memel district - 07

Bajohren (now Bajorai) 

 Crottingen (now Kretingalė)

 Jugnaten (now Juknaičiai)

 Lompönen (now Lumpėnai)

Neustubbern (now Naustubriai)

Friday, May 11, 2012

Vilnius 1925

This is an interesting  registered cover i have bought this week, sent in 1925 from Wilno (now Vilnius, Lithuania) to Douala, Cameroon in Africa. The sender's address is Ulica Teatralna/Teatro gatvė which is one of the very few street names that haven't changed until now. The destination is very unusual: Douala, formerly called Kamerunstadt until 1902 under the German rule, is now the largest city of independent Cameroon.