Saturday, July 23, 2011

Telšiai 1994

A cover sent in 1994 from Telšiai to Tokyo, Japan. The stamp is one of the 4 stamps issued in 1993 to commemorate the Pope. What is surprising about this cover is that despite the year 1994, they still use provisional postmark! I assume it is not the central post office of Telšiai that has used the postmark but some small branch post office. Or, it could be that in some reason, their regular postmarks couldn't be used on that day (1994 may 7th). Anyway, the circumstance remain unknown.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Vilnius 1958

This is a Soviet postal stationery commemorating the centennial of russian postage stamp. Cancelled in Вильнюс/Vilnius in 1958.

Cancellations of Lit.SSR - 01

Kazlų-Rūda/Казлу-Руда 1965

Rūdiškės/Рудишкес 1980

Kavoliškis/Каволишкис 1976

Valkininkai St(Stotis)/Варкининкай Ст(Станция) 1984

Jonava/Йонава 1990 - Machine cancellation

Friday, July 15, 2011

Kaunas 1938

This is a Kowno/Kaunas - Wilno/Vinius FFC(First flight cover) sent in 1938 from Kaunas. Despite the bad diplomatic relation between Lithuania and Poland at that time, some third party country's airlines has linked the 2 cities. The opposite direction flight (Vilnius-Kaunas) has been executed the previous day which was on 15/07 1938. The cover has been sent as Spausdinys/printed matter.

Nice Wilno/Vilnius 2 Lot/airmail arrival cancellation on the back.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Vilnius 1963

3 covers with 2 kinds of commemorative cancellations both cancelled in 1963 in Вильнюс/Vilnius. The first 2 covers are postal stationeries with one of them a nice art work of the statue of peace in Volgograd.

Panevėžys 1907

ПоневѢж / Ponevezh (now Panevėžys, Lithuania)
It's a postal stationery sent in 1907 from ПоневѢж / Ponevezh (now Panevėžys, Lithuania) to Виндава/Vindava (now Ventspils, Latvia. Better known in the german name Windau). The letter "Ѣ" in ПоневѢж is not in use anymore in modern russian and mostly replaced by a simple "e". Cancellation of both "Поневеж" and "ПоневѢж" exists.