Friday, April 29, 2016

Klaipėda-Šiauliai Railway post 1930

Postmark of the T.P.O. (Pašto vagonas) line Klaipėda - Šiauliai

This is a cover sent in 1930 by the railway post (Pašto vagonas) line Klaipėda - Šiauliai to Berlin, Germany. Unfortunately I don't know where is it sent from because the sender have not written any return address. 30 centas was the postal rate for the domestic letter but this rate also applied to Germany, Latvia and Estonia. To other countries, is was 60 centas.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Riga-Kybartai Railway post 1928 - Postcard of Dainų šventė in Kaunas 1924

Dainų šventė in Kaunas 1924 (high resolution)

T.P.O. (Pašto vagonas) Ryga - Kybartai 1928

This is postcard send in 1928 by the railway post Ryga (Lithuanian spelling for Riga, the Latvian capital city) - Kybartai from Kėdainiai to France. It is a real picture postcard and shows the Lithuanian traditional song festival called Dainų šventė. The one on the picture is the first one held in Kaunas in 1924, the Lithuanian version of Wikipedia for the entry "Dainų šventė" shows a picture of the same event taken from a slightly different angle.