Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Šatės 1907

This is a postal money order sent in 1907 from Шаты/Shaty (now Šatės, Lithuania), Ковен.Г.(Ковенская Губерния/Kovna Gubernia) to Вилыкомıр/Vilkomir (now Ukmergė, Lithuania) also in Kovna gubernia. Šatės is a village not far from Skuodas with a population of little over 400.

Nice arrival cancellation of Vilkomir/Ukmergė

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Cancellations of Imperial Russia

Surprisingly, used stamps with cancellations of Lithuania during the Imperial Russian rule are somewhat harder to find than covers from the same period. At least it seems to be so to me. Cancellations of Vilna/Vilnius are still findable if you look carefully but other regional towns are pretty rare. I guess I must check patiently one by one, taking time... Anyway, here are my lastest acquisitions.

This is a stamp with a 1910 cancellation of Кельмы/Kelmy, now Kelmė, Lithuania. It's a town in Šiauliai County with a population of 10000. Kelmė during the Tsarist time had a large number of Jewish population.

This stamp has a cancellation of Ворне/Vorne (now Varniai, Lithuania) Ков(Kovna gubernia). Varniai, with a present population of 2000, was the seat of the Samogitian Diocese. The first book of lithuanian language is believed to be written here.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Vilnius 1924

This is a postally unused postcard of the propaganda against the Polish occupation of Vilnius. The illustration depicts a personified Lithuania chained in Vilnius near the Gediminas tower with heart taken away by an eagle. Printed in 1924.

Seirijai 1931

It's a 15 Litas postal stationery sent in 1931 from Seirijai to Halle, Germany. Seirijai is a small town in Alytus county not far from the polish border with a population of approximately 900.