Friday, April 22, 2011

Vilnius 1916

A Feldpost card sent in 1916 from the Feldpost station 166, stationed in Wilna (now Vilnius, lithuania) to Charlottenburg in Berlin, Germany. The picture was taken from the Šnipiškės side of the Neris/Wilja river near the Žaliasis tiltas/Green bridge.

Also a Feldpost card of Wilna/Vilnius, sent in 1916 from the Feldpost station 210 by the munition depot of the 10th army stationed in Vilnius. The picture is taken in Dižioji gatvė/Wielka strasse at the old town. I have previously posted a Feldpost card sent on april 1916 from the Felpost station 210 in Švenčionėliai, therefore they should have moved from Vilnius to Švenčionėliai sometime between march and april 1916.

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