Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kaunas 1942-1944

The first cover was sent in 1944 from the Dienstpost Osland in Kauen, now Kaunas, by a commercial kitchen wear dealer in Laisvės Allee/Laisvės alėja to the Trade fair in Prague, at the time in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia. The cover has been censored and re-sealed.

This cover has been sent in 1943 by the Lithuanian branch of the German Retail Cooperative in Kaunas to Kotva, also a retail company still nowdays existing in Zlin, Czech Republic. Mähren is the german name for Moravia which Zlin is part of.

Sent in 1942 by the regular post office in Kaunas. The cancellation states "Kaunas" in lithuanian and not Kauen unlike the Dienstpost. The stamp is also not overprinted "Ostland" which was also commonly used.

A cover from Kaunas branch of the German National Credit Fund. Sent in 1942.

A cover sent by the Press Distribution company in Duonelaitis Strasse/Donelaičio gatvė from the post office Kauen 1.

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