Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Panevėžys 1943

A Nazi Germany Feldpost (military field post) posted during WW2 from the Dienspost Ostland in Ponewesch, now Panevėžys to Kauen, also the German name for present Kaunas. During WW1 the Germans tended to call lithuanian cities with the polish names but under the Nazi administration, they named them with more german sounding versions such as Ponewesch instead of Poniewiez/Poniewiesz or Kauen instead of Kowno. This cover was sent by the Gendarmerie Gebiet Ponewesch (Panevėžys district Gendarmerie) as you can see from the military seal. The Felspost stations were often located in the building as the Diespost offices, sometime sharing same counter and office.
Acquired in 2005 in Erfurt, Germany.

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