Monday, September 2, 2013

Kaunas 1941

The cover itself is not in perfect condition but I have decided to post it because the postmarks are clear and stamps are undamaged. This is a registered cover sent on 31.3.1941 from Каунас/Kaunas to Ленинград/Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg, Russia) during the first annexation to the Soviet Union. The cover arrived on 3.4 and delivered on 4.4 according to the arrival postmark on the back. Lithuanian has been annexed by the Soviet Union on 1940 and Nazi Germany took Kaunas on 25.6.1941, not even 3 months after this cover has been used.


  1. A great proof of tragic period of Lithuanian history

  2. Yes... It maybe a just an envelope with stamps but it is a little piece of history. This is a very essence of why I have started to collect stamps.
    Thank you for stopping by and taking time to comment!