Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Cancellations of Lit.SSR - 10

Gudžiūnai, Kauno apskritis (Kaunas County)
population: 491 (2011 census)

Gudžiūnai 1969

Lapiai, Klaipėdos apskritis (Klaipėda County)
population: 397 (2005 census)

Lapiai 1969

Lyduokiai, Vilniaus apskritis (Vilnius County)
population 142 (2011 census)

Lyduokiai 1973

Rozalimas, Šiaulių apskritis (Šiauliai County)
population: 928 (2001 census)

Rozalimas 1969

Stalgėnai, Telšių apskritis (Telšiai County)
population 465 (2001 census)

Stalgėnai 1969

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Vilnius 1941

January 1941 Vilnius during Soviet occupation

August 1941 Vilnius during German occupation

Along with the Paberžė cancelled stamps I have posted last time, I have got these Vilnius ones as well so I thought I might as well post them. The top one was cancelled on January 1941, still under Soviet control, and the one on the bottom was cancelled in Vilnius as well on August 1941 when the German occupation has already started there. Definitive stamps can sometime be really interesting to collect!