Monday, March 28, 2011

Šiauliai 1916

This is a postally unused stationery cancelled in Schaulen (now Šiauliai,Lithuania) in 1916. This series for the "Postgebiet Ob.Ost" has been ussued in 3 denominations, 5p, 7.5p and 10p. Each denomination has been also issued with the answer part attached.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Vilnius 1959

It is a first day cover of the opening day of Felix Dzerzhinsky museum in Vilnius on the 11th of september 1959. Felix Dzerzhinsky/Feliks Dzierżyński (in lithuanian: Feliksas Dzeržinskis) is known to be the notorius founder of the Bolshevik secret police which later will be known as KGB. The museum was open in his Vilnius house you see on the cover.

The stamp used on the cover, is ones the Soviet republic capital series issued in 1958. It depicts the view of Vilnius from the Gediminas hill.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Vilnius 1967

A women's day greetings sent in 1967 from Vilnius to Šaukėnai. Šaukėnai is a village in Kelmė distrcit with a population of little over 700. There is a nice arrival cancellation. Artwork is by L.Ramonienė. Lithuania postcard designs are surprisingly very nice especially during the 50's and 60's.

Šilutė 1972

A commemorative cover of the 50th anniversary of the Visasąjunginei Lenino pionierių organizacijai/Lenin's pioneer all-union organization, cancelled in Šilutė/Шилуте. It has a special postmark of the philatelic exibition held in Šilutė in 1972.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Vilnius 1926

A postcard sent in 1926 from Wilno (now Vilnius) to Plzeň, Czechoslovakia. One of the stamp is folded on the other side of the card. It has been printed in Vilnius by W.Borkowski.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Vilijampolė (Kaunas) 1944

This is a domestic registered letter sent in 1944 from Vilijampolė to Vilkija. The postmark of the first republic "Kaunas - Vilijampole" has been used to cancel the stamps but this post office was called officially "Kauen 6" (Kauen was the german for Kaunas) during the Nazi regime, as you can see on the registration label. It was a historically pretty controversial post office due to its location at the entrance of Vilijampolė jewish ghetto.
Vilijampolė is one of the Kaunas municipal districts, given its name from the river Neris which is called "Vilija" in Slavic language. Neris river joins the Nemunas river and ends here.
An arrival cancellation of Vilkija is on the back of the cover. The letter is correctly franked with 42p Ostland overprinted stamps according to the inland registered letter rate at the time.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Druskininkai 1961

This is a postal stationery with an illustration of a children's sanatorium in Друскининкай/Druskininkai, issued in 1961, in mint condition.

Vilnius 1910

A registered cover sent in 1910 from Вильна Вокзаль/Vilna Vokzal(Vilnius station) to Hamburg, Germany. Vilna station post office is now called "Vilnius 13" in the modern Lithuania. The sender is St.-Petersburger Privat-Handels-Bank Wilnaer Filiale/St. Petersburg Private Trade Bank Vilnius branch office. The inscription "заказное" means "registered" in russian.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Raseiniai 1941

Those are one of the local "liberation" overprint stamps issued in 1941 in Raseiniai. The date on the overprint is day when Raseiniai has been "liberated" from the Soviets by the germans. According to Michel, it has 3 types of overprints, from left to right Type I, II and III. They can be easily recognized by the font of the overprints. Michel also mentioned Raseiniai as Rossingen but with the establishment of Deutsche Dienstpost Ostland, The Nazi authority officially renamed the town: Raseinen.

Raseiniai 1919

Those are the stamps with an inscription "Raseinių apskričio pašto ženklas". It was locally issued for Raseiniai in 1919. The colorful cancellations are provisional ones. According to, the 2 rings red curcular postmark was the first edition and the 3 rings blue postmark is the third one. The stamp itself has 2 types, Type 1 with the frame corner opened (the stamps on the right side), Type 2 is closed (left side).

Monday, March 7, 2011

Kaunas 1929

This is a registered cover of Lietuvos Kredito Bankas/Lithuanian Credit bank sent in 1929 from Kaunas to the Universal State Bank in Chicago. Unfortunately, the cover is a little damaged but the arrival cancellations of Chicago has stayed pretty well.

Raseiniai 1938

A cover sent in 1938 from Raseiniai to Bayonne, New Jersey USA.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Šiauliai 1918

2 postcards sent from an unknown feldpost station in 1918 during the german occupation, probably posted from Šiauliai. The pictures are the ones of Szaulen (now Šiauliai, Lithuania) and was published by Pawlowski in Tilsit (now Советск/Sovietsk in Kaliningrad district)from the series "Tageblatt für Litauen" (newspaper for Lithuania).

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Švepeliai (Klaipėda) 1970

Here is a commemorative cover of the centennial of the birth of Lenin, sent from Klaipėda post office #11(11-asis paštas) located in Švepeliai, now part of Klaipėda municipality. Švepeliai was called Schweppelen in german and used to be one of the villages surrounding Memel. Unfortunately, Soviet cancellations do not contain the name of the municipal district, in this case, it just states the name of the post office Клайпеда 11/Klaipėda 11. The cover design is surprisingly nice, containing the image of the town of Ulyanovsk (now Simbirsk, Russia), the native town of Lenin near the Volga river.