Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Nida 1916

This is a postcard sent in 1916 from Nidden (now Nida, Lithuania) to Potsdam, Germany. I have posted before a postcard sent from Nidden/Nida in 1942 during World War II and I thought they seem to use the exact same postmark as the 1916's one which you see here. But after carefully comparing it, the size of the letter of "NIDDEN" is slightly smaller than the 1942's one and the space between the letters and the outer circle is wider as well. If you would like to see both posts, click the label "NIDA" at the bottom of this article.
The sand dune you see on the picture looks the same as it is now even though it is constantly changing the shape. You can see the size of the dune when you compare with 2 persons appearing of the top.
One strange thing is that the author writes the date as "29.7.17" but the postmark states 1916. Hard to know which one is right...


  1. If you compare this cancel with the cancel of 1942, you can see that the stars in this cancel (left and right from OSTPR.) were NOT removed.
    A lot of old cancels from the German Empire were changed during the 3rd Reich by removing the stars from the cancels.
    Some people say, that this was done, because the nazis did not like stars. I do not know, if that is true.
    My personal opinion is, that the cancels were changed to give them a more modern look.

    1. Very interesting point. I haven't even thought of that. I will check those stars carefully from now on. Thanks for the precious info!