Saturday, April 27, 2013

Švenčionėliai 1916

This is a German military field post (Feldpost) card sent in 1916 from Novo Svenziany (Švenčionėliai, Lithuania) to Chateau Salins in Lothringen, Germany (now Lorraine, France). Švenčionėliai was nothing more than couple of houses until the Tsarist authority built a railroad linking Vilnius and Saint Petersburg. The present Švenčionėliai station was build for the town of Švenčionys but because of the distance of 10 Km, a small sub-town started to grow around the station which eventually became "Novo Svenziany", the New Švenčionys.

From what I can see here, it looks like the picture was taken at the intersection of Priestočio g. and Švenčionių g looking to the west. It seems like "Svenziany Str." hasn't changed the name and Priestočio g. is more like a square rather a street like you see on the picture.

You certainly won't see this sign in present Švenčionėliai:
"Horse wagon, do not stop here"


  1. Greatest material again!
    Funny that sign. Usually such (German) signs order
    instead of

    1. When I think of it, effectively, it sounds funny. Good catch!