Friday, September 26, 2014

Air post 1921

This is an air post set issued on November 6 1921. This set is actually the third of its kind after the first issue of July 26 1921 and then the second on October 5. According to Michel, the angel is holding a Junker F-13 which was actually used for the early Lithuanian air postal service. 100000 copies were printed each, I personally very much like the Lithuanian stamps of this period, especially how they used the colors. For some unknown reason, all 3 of the Baltic republics managed to issue many multi-colored stamps (most of them dual color) which were not so common comparing to other countries' issues in the 1920's. You can see that Poland only issued single colored stamps during the prewar period and so did the Scandinavian countries except for the early classic definitive issues.


  1. That is a stunning looking set... I wonder who was the designer behind them? They look so 'French', LOL.

  2. I wish I knew too... It's true that the angel makes you think of a bit of French taste but politically speaking, the Lithuanians weren't in the best relation at the time with French because they tend to be more pro-Polish. They were rumors that the French helped the Poles to gain as much influence as possible in Memelland before handing out to the Lithuanians.